Art Helin And John Stallone Talk about the future of hunting - Bonus content

I am very concerned about the state of which the " Hunting Industry" is heading aside from the Hunter on Hunter hate that runs ramped in social media, the heavy competition and all around lack of comradery that we are experiencing in today's day and age. There is an image that is prevalent within the non-hunting community. . We are often portrayed as toothless hillbillies running around the woods shooting up anything we see, or blood thirsty savages only concerned with the kill and the trophy. The media doesn’t help us at all, we get lumped in with crazed shooters and terrorists, the positive we do is never showcased only the negative, even Disney movies teach our kids that hunters are bad. Look at the hunter characters on every movie they have ever made going back to bambi... we are the bad guy.. We have an almost impossible battle to fight because it has been engrained in society unless you were brought up around hunting that hunting and hunters are evil.  The only way that view point is going to change is to focus on the youth and pray that future generations teach their kids the truth about hunting.  We don't have a big enough voice.. Meaning there is not one person in hunting or one platform big enough to reach non-hunters to try and sway the perception of what we do... If you think about all the biggest names in hunting almost none of them transcend hunting at all... So it is up to all of us collectively to recruit new hunters and to introduce our non-hunting friends, work colleagues and acquaintances to the positives of hunting and show them the respect we have for the animals we hunt. Educate them on issues they can comprehend such as stewardship, conservation and funding because more than likely unless you are very persuasive and good with words your probably not going to be able to portray your passion for hunting to them in a manner that they will comprehend. Remember, Anti-hunting groups have the most powerful tool working for them and that is negativity... people love to listen to the negative, the slander, and the distasteful. Think about everything you see on media today... Admit it, when you watch the news at night you are more likely to watch and pay attention to the breaking news of some guy shooting up a convenience store than the off piece on Grandma Lou who just had her 100th birthday. We don't fight on the same playing field as they do and our team is smaller and we have less star players. They fight their battles in the public eye with big name celebs and we fight ours behind the scenes, although it’s the noble route unfortunately its nowhere near as affective. The only reason hunting still exists is because of greed... Hunting is too big of an industry for the government to let it go away, otherwise we would have lost the war a long time ago. And since money is what makes the world go round they let us have hunting. But let’s not take that for granted if you want hunting to continue as we know it stay involved, keep recruiting the youngsters and really anyone you can because that is what saves us.....

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