Having your Guns taken away from you for no good reason With John Napolitano 9.23

John Napolitano is a victim of the system, he has had his guns taken away from him and his NY hand gun rights revoked all becuase of some BS loop hole. Listen in as he tells us the story and what he is doing about it. John is trying to help get the laws changed so something like this doesnt happen again to someone else.


"In Long Island NY the pistol license department can take your guns for any reason at their discretion with NO due process.  They tell people having a gun is a privilege not a right. I am hoping to change this for everyone moving forward.  I plan on fighting this in Federal Court.  It will not get my pistols back any sooner.  It will not help me at all.  In fact, it will cost me quite a bit. "


Check out Johns Napoliatno's instagram and if you want to contribute to his cause go here

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