Elk Hunting Storytelling Session with Dirk Durham


Show Notes:

In hunting, when you mix years of practice and experience, you become an expert. Dirk Durham is a world champion elk caller, and he’s here for a storytelling session about his elk hunting journey. He started with a bow when he was 15 and hasn’t missed a season since. This fall will be Dirk’s 33rd year of elk hunting. Outside the hunting season, Dirk is a marketing manager at Phelps, where he wears a ton of different hats from social media and content management to R&D on new products, even customer service.


When Dirk started elk hunting in the 80s, there wasn’t a whole lot of information on how to do it. There were a few VHS videos and books here and there, and Dirk’s dad wasn’t into bow hunting. But he wanted to elk hunt and once his dad saw that he was serious, he told him that if he got an elk with a bow, he would reimburse Dirk for what he spent on his bow and supplies. He put in a ton of time learning calls and how to shoot a bow and even went out hunting in the mornings before school. Dirk eventually came through and his dad made good on his promise.


Dirk shares tips on how to get close to bulls. It takes a lot of practice, time, and patience and we all learn from experiences. He also shares a story about him and his brother hunting in a storm and the challenges of tracking a bull with the blood getting washed away. Taking advantage of the weather and shifting your strategy can be a benefit if you know what you’re doing. The hunting community has come a long way in terms of information out there for new hunters, so it’s always great to hear from people who became successful hunters directly from experience.


What’s Inside:

  • Stories from Dirk’s elk hunting career. 
  • Tips on how to get close to bulls.
  • How to make the best of hunting in a storm.
  • How to locate elk in the dark.


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Short Description:

Dirk Durham, AKA The Bugler, is a world champion elk caller and a marketing manager at Phelps. On the show today, he shares some of the best stories he’s collected since he started his hunting career at 15. We talk about different techniques to get close to bulls, hunting in the rain, how to locate elk in the dark, and much more. 



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