Rocky Jacobsen Elk Hunting 9.39

Rockie Jacobsen, founder of Rocky Mountain Calls , desired to imitate animal sounds at a young age. As he grew older, he designed calls for multiple game-call companies, but his passion for bowhunting elk drove him to improve diaphragm calls.

“By 1992, Jacobsen knew backing plates behind the latex on external calls gave them new dimension,” Kurt Howard, CEO of Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls, said. “He soon realized a mouth diaphragm also could benefit from a backing plate. After testing various designs, he created one with the backing plate and frame that were all one piece of aluminum. This was the revolutionary Pal- ate Plate mouth diaphragm’s beginning.

“After much thought, Rockie sold the Palate Plate’s patent to Primos, but maintained the right to build and sell Palate Plate calls under his own company,” Howard mentioned. “The Palate Plate’s unique design quickly made it the market’s best-selling diaphragm.”

In 2012, Bugling Bull Game calls was renamed Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls to clarify that it offers more than just elk calls. In fact, Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls now offers a complete game-call line, which includes elk, deer, moose, turkey and predator calls.

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