Title: Javelina Hunting with Kids


Show Notes:

You cannot beat the javelina hunt for an easy and accessible way to introduce kids to hunting. My cousin Anthony Stallone and I recently took our kids out together for a javelina junior hunt to give them some experience and a little boost of confidence.


If you’ve never had javelina, or you’ve had it and hated it, you’re missing out. It took me a few tries to figure out how to get the meat cooked just right, but now Anthony and I both love it. That makes javelina both a great hunt and a delicious game to eat. 


I’m very adamant about not taking too many javelina out of the same herd because their chances of survival drop when they go below 5 in a herd. One of the cool things about finding a herd is you can guarantee that they’ll be in the same area year after year, so you can be selective about harvesting just the right ones. And since they reliably produce, hunting them is so much easier year after year. 


There are some unique challenges to getting kids to listen while also teaching them about hunting safely. What you learn in school you might walk away and forget, but what you learn while you’re hunting will stick with you forever. That’s one of the reasons we make the effort to pass on our love for hunting with the next generation.


What’s Inside:

  • How I cut up javelina efficiently to maximize the meat and minimize the risk of cutting that gland.
  • If you’ve only taught a kid to hunt from a certain position, that could come back to bite you in the field; how Anthony had to work around that problem.
  • Anthony’s son tells his version of shooting a javelina.

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Short Description:

Anthony Stallone and I talk about how we teach kids to hunt, which sounds amazing if you love the mix of kids who don’t listen and guns. But Anthony and I both want our kids to learn, and the javelina hunt is the perfect beginner hunt for kids. 


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