A Chat with a Bow Hunting Legend with M. R. James


Show Notes:

The best way to describe M. R. James is that he’s a legend. He’s an Archery Hall of Famer. He started writing and selling fiction stories, mostly westerns and murder mysteries to the pulp fiction market back in the 60s and 70s. M. R. started Bow Hunter magazine in 1971 and was hunting in Indiana back then. Hunting wasn’t that great back then, even though it’s prime white tail country now. M. R. was born in Illinois and then later moved to Indiana to raise his family. He then moved to Montana for a while but moved back to Indiana to be closer to his grandkids.


  1. R. will be 82 in December and he’s still bowhunting on his farm. He’s still going strong and says he can’t wait to see what he can do when he’s 90. I always wonder how much longer I can do this myself, but M. R. is an inspiration. He shares how he got inducted into the Archery Hall of Fame in 2003 and how someone gets into it. You’ll need to go through a submission process, which you can do on the Archery Hall of Fame website, and then it’s up to the nominees to get support and then it goes to the board of directors. M. R. has served on the board in the past and is now known as President Emeritus. 


M.R.’s got some great hunting stories, including the first deer he shot in Indiana. M. R. also shares his most unforgettable hunt, a story he’s often asked to share when he does talks around the country. It was a Northwest Territories caribou hunt in 1993, and he had to carry his kill across the tundra which involved a serious emergency. M.R. was elk hunting with friends when 9/11 happened, and he didn’t get news until several days afterward. He was later contacted by someone who was deeply affected and wanted to take up bow hunting. What happened afterward is a truly great story that led to the development of an Oliver Stone movie. 


What’s Inside:

  • All about M. R.’s career, including how he started Bow Hunter magazine.
  • How someone can get into the archery hall of fame.
  • What happened when M.R. shot his first deer in Indiana.
  • M. R.’s most unforgettable hunt shooting caribou.
  • A story about elk hunting and 9/11.


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Archery Hall of Fame


Short Description:

  1. R. James is a bow hunting legend and an Archery Hall of Famer. He’ll be 82 this year, is still hunting and says he can’t wait to see what he can do when he’s 90. M.R. has some great hunting stories about his first deer, caribou hunting in the tundra, and a heartwarming story that involves bow hunting and 9/11.



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