Mule Deer Outlook with Terry Herndon


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Arizona is currently struggling when it comes to mule deer, pertaining especially to encroachment and housing developments. Terry Herndon, CEO of the Arizona Mule Deer Organization, speaks his mind about this issue in the AZ field. Terry was born and raised in Arizona, and he’s hunted throughout his entire life. His organization advocates for wildlife and helps get kids involved in hunting and the great outdoors. The number one thing that’s affected these deer over the last 15 years is drought. Terry shares what’s being done to help these deer and what still needs to happen.


Terry talks about the changing wildlife populations in Arizona. When elk were introduced in the Flagstaff area, it affected the mule deer population as they now had to compete for resources. Predation is also a big factor in why the deer are struggling. Most people don’t think about the cause and effect of their actions, and as a culture we’ve been pretty egocentric. We don’t think about the repercussions, and over time, the little things add up and cause major problems. Conservation should be top of mind.


Terry’s organization helps the mule deer by adding water in certain areas, but Arizona needs regular rain for the situation to turn around. To help, people can work to eliminate predators like coyote. Get involved in the organization of your choice, preferably in your state. Keep your eye on upcoming projects and contribute to whatever interests you, like building fencing and maintenance and repairs on tanks. It feels good to volunteer, and it makes you want to stay involved and pass it to the younger generations.  

What’s Inside:

  • What’s going on with the Arizona mule deer population.
  • The Arizona drought and contributing factors.
  • What someone can do to help the mule deer.
  • Terry’s plans for the upcoming hunting season.
  • Info on Arizona Mule Deer Organization initiatives and how you can get involved.


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Arizona Mule Deer Organization

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Terry Herndon is the CEO of the Arizona Mule Deer Organization, who runs several conservation initiatives to help the struggling mule deer population. We talk about what’s going on in Arizona and how the deer are being affected by drought, encroaching, and predation. We also talk about how you can get involved if you’re interested in making an impact. 



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