Bear & Bighorn Sheep Hunting in British Columbia with Nick Trehearne


Show Notes:

Based out of Northern British Columbia, Nick Trehearne has been able to marry his love of hunting and photography and work as a full-time photographer for the last nine years. His stomping grounds are some of the most remote and beautiful spots in North America. 


When you’re out in the mountains, your depth perception can get a little off. Nick talks about hunting in Southern Alberta where he was out for 18 hours for just one stalk because of the distances he needed to travel. Sometimes using technology can help you fix problems like this, but sometimes technology can cause more problems because it doesn’t work in the field like it’s supposed to.


One of Nick’s favorite hunts is the spring bear hunt in BC. It’s all spot-and-stalk, with no baiting allowed. But it’s nothing to glass 30-40 bears in a single night. The rules for bear hunting are different, but that shouldn’t hold you back. This is a great hunt that Nick highly recommends. 


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What’s Inside:

  • How many deer get wounded because people guess the wrong range?
  • Relying on technology can be a blessing or a curse depending on how new or reliable it is. 
  • Hunting outside Yellowstone means you have to plan for how the wildlife will react around the huge amount of people they often encounter. 

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Short Description:

Full-time hunting and fishing photographer Nick Trehearne hunts across Alberta and British Columbia for bear and bighorn sheep. Canadian wildlife, terrain, and hunting rules are a little different, so we talk about some of his favorite hunts in Canada and the Yellowstone are. 


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