Big Game Tactics and Time in the Field with Alex Millward

Show Notes:

Alex Millward is a hunter based in Utah, with a passion for mule deer and elk. We sat down to get into the nitty-gritty and talk about all things tactics. To kick us off, we swapped a couple of stories about recent hunts. Alex told a story about being resourceful on a 4-day mule deer hunt and making things happen despite all odds. 


This led us to talking strategy. I picked Alex’s brain on how he picks bucks and how he puts them down. It’s important to understand hunting on a situational basis. Bucks aren’t going to stick around, so when the opportunity comes around – you’ve gotta take it. You’ll only get so many chances on any given hunt. 


People often ask me, “What differentiates me from you?” when it comes to hunting. The answer: Time in the field. Having experience and just getting out there is the most important part of growing as a hunter. Sometimes, you’ll have to make some sacrifices to get hunting. We talked about some of the sacrifices we’ve made in the name of the sport. 


We also talked about the importance of preparation – both physical and mental. Hunting is tough on the body and the mind. Alex talked about what he’s done in recent years to get in shape for hunting. We also discussed gear, and what the right setup can do for you. 


We ended on a great story from Alex about some elk hunting. 


What's Inside:

- Tactical discussion with Alex Millward.

- Understanding hunting on a situational basis.

- The importance of time in the field.

- How to mentally and physically prepare for a hunt.

- We swap stories about hunting elk and deer. 


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Short Description:

This one’s a must-hear for big game hunters. Alex Millward joined me on the podcast to talk about elk and deer hunting strategy. We covered tactics, preparation, and a lot more. Nothing beats time in the field, but there are some things you can do to increase your chances of success when you’re out there. 



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