Title: Bow Hunting & Mule Deer with Henry Ferguson


Show Notes:

As I’ve been working through my broadhead testing to find the absolute best bow on the market, I’ve found that I can’t have it all. If I want good penetration, good flight big wound channels, you always have to give up something to gain something.  Henry Ferguson, an avid bow hunting sportsman, and I talk about what we look for in bows and some drawbacks to different designs.


There are so many variables in every hunting situation. You can go with your gut, or you can make the mistake of listening to some friends. Nathan talks about a hunt that ended disastrously because he ignored his own experience and listened to some fellow hunters. And instead of nailing his buck, he totally scared it off. Then he tried a different tactic, and he talks about the two important lessons he learned from this experience.


The energy of your body tunes the animals into what you intend to do. If you want to tip them off every time, do this one move that switches you from innocent bystander to deadly hunter. It’s so amazing how close you can get to an animal they don’t see you as a threat to them. We talk about how we sometimes use this move to get closer to bucks, and a few times when it backfired on us.


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What’s Inside:

  • Some of the most surprising results coming out of my bow testing so far.
  • The difficulty around finding the perfect bow hunting equipment.
  • The amazing moment when a buck knows you’re a hunter and not a lost hiker.
  • Henry shares some amazing hunting stories.



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Short Description:

We’re talking mule deer with my buddy Henry Ferguson who says that hunting mule deer with a bow is a lot like being a salesman. You have to get used to a lot of rejection. We talk about some hunting fails and what we would’ve done differently, and Henry imparts some of his wisdom after hunting mule deer for years.




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