Bowhunting and Archery with James Yates

Show Notes:

James Yates, an experienced archer and bowhunter, joined me in this episode, where we covered everything we could possibly talk about.  He has a whole lot of knowledge on bowhunting, from techniques to setups and a whole lot more. It was great to hear what James had to say about bowhunting, archery, and hunting in general. 


He started off by letting us peek into how he got into the sport, and he told some stories about his early days of bowhunting. He talked a bit about how he sees bowhunting and why he loves it so much. 


We swapped a couple of stories about bowhunting, before we discussed how bowhunting changes throughout the year. Bucks don’t show with the same intensity throughout the year, after all. James has done some bowhunting here in Arizona, so it was great to hear about his experiences. We traded a couple more stories about hunting around the country, and we talked a little about how we plan bowhunting trips versus rifle trips. We also touched on a bit more about his strategy for picking bowhunts, too.


We capped off the podcast talking technique. James has so much bowhunting knowledge, we could have done a whole podcast on technique and setup alone. But hearing some in-depth info from him about getting the most out of your equipment is definitely a major plus.


What's’ Inside:

- Bowhunting tips, tricks, and techniques from James Yates.

- Stories about bowhunting all over the nation.

- Information about bowhunting setup and equipment.

- How we plan bowhunts versus rifle hunts.

- How to get the most out of your bow. 


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Short Description:

James Yates and I talked about all things bowhunting this week on the podcast. We covered the whole gamut, from James’ favorite bowhunts, to technique, setup, and more. James has years of experience, so, it was great to hear all that he had to say about the sport. This one’s a must-listen for bowhunters.



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