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Brian Rhead guides for an outfit up in Alaska where they hunt grizzly bear. He’s learned that he has to keep his gear in functioning order so he can confidently pull out his gun in the constant drizzle. In our conversation, we talk about some of his tips for keeping his gun ready to fire.


1500 yard shots are not a problem, if you know and understand your gun. But you’re really going to get out of it what you put into it. If you’re a terrible shot at 700 yards, then you need to figure out what your gun likes to do, and that means looking at the three conditions that affect your weapon:

  1. Temperature
  2. Elevation
  3. Weather


Brian gets deep talking about ballistic calculations, real-time calculators, and knobs. He prefers to look at the yardage on a knob up to 700 yards. From 700-1100, that’s where G7 works well. Beyond 1,000+ yards, you really need to understand the direction you’re shooting in and factor that into your calculations. 


We’re both looking forward to some great hunts next year, depending of course, on how the situation with COVID works out. If you’re planning a hunt, I’ve got coupon codes with some of my favorite retailers that you can use to get yourself outfitted. 


What’s Inside:

  • Keeping your gun dry can be a challenge in a wet climate like Alaska; here’s how Brian does it.
  • Brian talks about how he uses real-time ballistic calculations to make a better shot.
  • No matter how quiet an arrow is, there’s still a chance that it will spook an animal.

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Short Description:

Variety is the name of the game for Brian Rhead. We talk about some of his favorite grizzly bear hunts up in Alaska, and he shares some of the hunts he’s looking forward to in 2021, including water buffalo in Australia, snow sheep in Russia, desert sheep hunts in Mexico, and mountain goats in Canada.


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