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Show Notes:

Caje Golden plays baseball for Montana State University and is also a professional hunting guide. We sat down to talk about some of his favorite hunts, and how he ended up taking his camera along for the hunt. 


When you get back from a hunt and you’re describing the buck that got away, no one’s going to believe you without some pictures. That was what initially drove Caje into marrying his love of hunting with photography. The hunting photography niche is full of experts who’ve been generous and open with their knowledge, and Caje talks about his journey in this hobby.


First-aid courses are a requirement for being a guide, but the first time you have to apply what you learned can be a little wild. Gutting out an elk once, I was talking to my wife and sliced my thumb right down to the bone. When you’re stuck in the backcountry and you’re hundreds of miles from a hospital, getting help after taking a broadhead to your thigh is going to become a legendary, and bloody, story.


I usually get a chance to sit down with my buddies and talk, but it was great to meet a new hunter and hear about some of the hunts that have shaped his work as a guide. If you’re interested in hiring a guide, check out my website for guided hunts throughout the year in Arizona and South Dakota.




What’s Inside:

  • The photography courses and mentors that Caje has used to develop his photography skills.
  • First-aid and emergency services in the backcountry can be sketchy.
  • What happens when you’re a guide and your client dies on the mountain?

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Short Description:

For a young hunter, Caje Golden has great stories that reflect his commitment to hunting and outdoor life. From hunting photography to emergency mountainside first-aid, Caje shares stories from his favorite hunting trips in Montana. 


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