Candy Yow 11.22

Title: Teaching Women to Hunt with Confidence
Show Notes:
A great teacher who is passionate about a subject can pass that love and passion along to their
students. Candy Yow runs Ladies Hunting from Oregon, and teaches women in organized hunts
all over the west to feel confident with their new sport. She says that women need confidence
building hunts to help them love hunting.
Candy’s husband wanted to teach her to hunt, but Candy realized pretty quickly that she didn’t
want to listen to him. For many couples, it’s better learning from someone other than your
We have both noticed that the right gear and clothes for women will make a difference in how
much women enjoy hunting. We talk about some of our favorite gear that really takes
performance to the next level.
Women need education about hunting to build confidence and also to teach them safety skills.
Her hunting camps teach women the farm to table approach, including hunting, field dressing,
and cooking the animals. She shares some of the first kill experiences she’s been able to share
The best gateway hunt, according to Candy, are the cow elk tags or the deprivation tags. It’s an
easy hunt that builds a lot of confidence for women, and it’s the one she usually turns to for her
clients. In Wyoming, the Women’s Only Antelope Hunt pairs them with a mentor, and Candy
recommends it too.
The most memorable hunt Candy’s been on wasn’t really about her. She focused on helping her
sister regain her confidence and deal with her grief. Her story really illustrates how much of
hunting is in your head and heart.
Ladies Hunting is currently planning numerous hunts later this year. This could be a great gift for
yourself or your spouse to help them become more self-confident out in the wild.
What’s Inside:
● By focusing on finding success in a hunt, Candy teaches women to love hunting.
● Why proper gear for women will help them become better hunters.
● The easiest and most accessible hunts for women and youth.
● Candy’s most memorable hunt that brought a lot of healing to her family.

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