Chef Jean Paul Bourgeois - Sportsman, Game chef and Meat eater contributor

Expanding Your Culinary Palette with Chef Jean Paul Bourgeois


Show Notes:


Chef Jean Paul Bourgeois, a contributor to MeatEater TV on YouTube, grew up waterfowl hunting and it’s a huge part of his life today. Jean Paul is also the creator and host of a show called Duck Camp Dinners. The show highlights the lifestyle, food, and hunting of his duck camp in Louisiana. Season two is currently in post-edit and covers duck camps all over the coast of south Louisiana. You can find Jean Paul on another MeatEater show called Duck Lore as well as some fishing shows.  


Jean Paul’s culinary career has taken him all over the world. He spent time in France and takes several international trips per year. He’s got a trip planned to Croatia next year where he’s going to take people on a culinary expedition. In terms of hunting, Jean Paul is a wing shooter. He loves to shoot everything from doves to turkeys. There’s a big wide world out there and you can discover different places through flavors. Jean Paul’s recipes have inspired me to cook different dishes and enjoy things I used to just endure, like javelina.


Jean Paul’s favorite game to cook and eat is waterfowl, especially a specklebelly goose. He also enjoys elk. I swap some tips with Jean Paul on cooking caribou and inspired him to put it on his list. The most used parts of an animal are going to be the toughest, like the tongue. It’s also incredibly rich. We talk about how to cook different cuts of meat and what’s best for grilling. Animals taste different depending on what they eat, and we get into talking about how that affects your hunting strategy.

What’s Inside:

  • How Jean Paul started his culinary career.
  • How traveling inspires Jean Paul’s recipes.
  • Jean Paul’s favorite game to cook and eat.
  • Why the most used parts of an animal are the toughest and richest.
  • Which cuts are the best for grilling.
  • How an animal’s diet informs how you hunt and cook.


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Short Description:

Chef Jean Paul Bourgeois is a MeatEater TV contributor and creator of the show Duck Camp Dinners. He’s huge fan of waterfowl hunting and cooking and shares how he got into his culinary career. We get into how you can travel the world through flavor, how to cook different kinds of game, and how an animal’s food affects how it ultimately tastes.



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