Title: Coyote Calling and Predator Hunting with Brandon Nily


Show Notes:

Coyotes are one of the smartest animals out there, so if you want to outsmart them, you’d better bring your A game. We’re talking about predator hunting today with Brandon Nily from Coyote Calling Academy. We’ll be covering what kind of weapon is ideal, how to find the animals, and why you shouldn’t educate the animals about human behavior.


Understanding coyote behavior will help you track them down, says Brandon. Because they’re creatures of habit, he likes to ask ranchers, rural school bus drivers, and rural postal workers where they usually see coyotes on their routes. That gives him an idea of where to lay in wait for them.


If you don’t have the wind with you when you’re out there hunting them, you’re going to be starting off in the negative. You simply won’t be able to beat their nose. Brandon demonstrates some of the hunting calls he uses to attract coyotes to his position, keeping in mind that coyotes are motivated by sex, food, and a challenge. By manipulating the volume and pitch of a call, Brandon can change his message to this apex predator. 


If you’re interested in predator hunting, Brandon’s podcast Coyote Calling Academy covers it more thoroughly, and you can find it on any of the podcast platforms.



What’s Inside:

  • What does a warning bark from a coyote sound like?
  • How Brandon finds where coyotes like to hang out.
  • Why I approach all of my hunting like every white-tailed hunter does in the Midwest. 

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Short Description:

Can you trick the nose on a coyote? It’s definitely going to take a different stalking approach when you switch to hunting predators, and Brandon Nily from Coyote Calling Academy is an expert at tracking, calling, and killing coyotes. 



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