Deer Hunting Stories with Ryan Haines


Show Notes:

I love it when I get to hear exciting hunting stories and pick up some helpful tips along the way. Ryan Haines shares some of his top hunting stories that really put you on the edge of your seat. Ryan is based out of southeastern Oklahoma and is a white-tail guy at heart. He grew up on archery only, as his county only allowed bow hunting. To this day, he’s never taken an animal with a rifle, and that’s one of his future goals. He also took up photography and videography over the last couple of years. 


One of the hunting stories that sticks with Ryan the most is from a couple of years ago while he was out in Arizona. When he arrived, it was covered in deer, including some great shooter bucks. He spent the first several days glassing, and then he and his buddies split up. On the last day, Ryan decided to push further in the dark and when the sun started to come up, the deer were 250 yards away, much closer than they had been. Eventually, a buck stopped at 50 yards, but Ryan missed him. It was one of those moments where you had a great opportunity but walk away with disappointment.


Just as he sat down to eat some breakfast, he pulled out his rattling bag one last time, and he wound up hitting another sequence. This brought a buck much larger than the one he had just missed. The buck started charging at him, Ryan grabbed his bow and shot him from about 10 yards away! 


From this story and the others he shared in this episode, you would know that anything can happen when you’re hunting. You can walk away with a great prize or with great disappointment for missing your target. Either way, there are always valuable lessons you can pick up for your next hunting trip.

What’s Inside:

  • How Ryan got into hunting.
  • An Arizona buck hunting story.
  • Hunting whitetails in Kansas.
  • Tree stand hunting vs. walking the mountains.
  • Buck hunting in Texas.
  • Doubt that comes up when you miss or wound an animal.
  • Ryan’s upcoming hunting plans.


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Short Description:

Ryan Haines grew up bow hunting deer in southeastern Oklahoma, close to the Texas border. He shares some great deer hunting stories from different states and the lessons he’s learned along the way. We also chat about how doubt can come in when you miss or wound an animal and why confidence is everything in hunting.



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