Early Elk Season with Shannon Mobbs


Show Notes:

Shannon Mobbs is a buddy of mine and it’s time to talk about elk season since it’s right around the corner. I’m about to head to New Mexico to hunt antelope and a friend of mine has a cattle ranch and I was able to get a landowner tag. It sounds like it will be promising, but I have no idea what to expect. The tag is good for three days and I can use any weapon. Antelope hunting is a lot of fun and I’m taking a friend who’s a first timer.


Shannon shares what he likes to do to prepare for the upcoming elk season. He picks up his gym time and getting back into it after taking some down time is always difficult. Staying in shape all year round is always ideal and sometimes it helps to switch up your routine. It also helps to keep your equipment and technique dialed in and stay active in whatever season is happening at the time. Buying a new bow and changing up your equipment is all about timing and something that a lot of hunters take into consideration.


We get into scouting and Shannon talks about how he chooses the spots he uses for the season. He uses onX mapping technology to zoom in on travel paths and trails. He uses cameras a little bit but doesn’t depend on them. Elk hunting is far more competitive these days, which isn’t everyone’s thing, but Shannon enjoys it. He has tips for folks heading out in early elk season and the difference in tactics between the early season and later. We talk about the moon phases as well and how it impacts elk in different areas. It’s been a while since I’ve had Shannon on, so he spends some time catching us up on his best hunting stories since our last conversation.

What’s Inside:

  • What to do leading up to an elk hunt to prepare.
  • Changes in equipment and how it impacts hunting.
  • Scouting and how Shannon chooses spots.
  • Tactics for early elk season vs mid and late elk season.
  • Moon phases and elk hunting.
  • Shannon’s latest hunting stories.


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Short Description:

It’s almost elk season and Shannon Mobbs has a ton of tips to help you get ready. We chat about what to do to prepare, including ramping up gym time and checking your equipment. Shannon shares what he likes to do for scouting, the differences between early and later elk seasons, moon phases, and more.



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