Elk Calling Adventures with Michael Batease


Show Notes:

We are in for a much-needed catch-up storytelling session with the founder of the Elk Calling Academy, Michael Batease. The last time we spoke was back in 2019, and Michael was just starting out with the academy. The Elk Calling Academy has since grown a lot, and he now has a Patreon and does one-on-one sessions. Michael does live Q&As and is currently working on switching over to a true e-course platform, targeted for July. The Elk Calling Academy is great for everyone, especially if you’re new to elk hunting and calling.


Elk calling requires special skills and abilities and not everyone can physically do it. A lot of people use externals when they can’t use diaphragms. It takes time to learn how to master both methods. Michael talks about some of the advancements and improvements companies are coming out with to make things easier. Michael shares a story about when one of his reeds started sticking and made a noise that scared a bull away. He even wound up throwing the call in the fire!


We talk about using lower sounding elk calls and how responsive the cows are in terms of answering. There are times to be loud and times to turn it down. As elk hunting becomes more popular, the more calls there are in the environment. Michael and I also chat about hunting in different kinds of places where you wouldn’t think elk are hanging out. Many people want open country, but they’re in smaller pockets, too. A lot of hunters are afraid to try new stuff and fall in love with one area. Don’t be afraid to use a new technique and head to a new area.

What’s Inside:

  • Nuances of elk calling and vocalizations.
  • Challenges of using externals and diaphragms.
  • Stories from Michael’s adventures in elk hunting.
  • Volume levels of elk calls.
  • Elk hunting in different types of land.


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Short Description:

Michael Batease is back for a catch-up storytelling session on all things elk calling. Michael shares some of his best elk hunting stories and we share a laugh or two. We also discuss how to use different calls, the effectiveness of call volumes, and elk hunting in open country vs. smaller pockets.



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