Elk Calling Like A Champion with Beau Brooks


Show Notes:

What’s it like to be a World Elk Calling champion? It’s a pretty tough competition, and Beau Brooks is here to share how he bested everyone else in this field of hunting, winning the 2022 World Elk Calling Championship title. If you remember a couple of weeks ago, we had Casey Brooks on the show, who is Beau’s dad. We’re going to be talking about some elk calling techniques and jump into a few questions and share a good story or two along the way.


Beau’s dad raised him hunting and he spent his whole life doing it. Beau shares the best elk sounds and how to master them. First, you want to have a solid cow call. He shows how to tweak your techniques so that you sound more like an elk and less like a hunter. Realism is the best thing to practice. Mastering cow calling goes a long way, especially if you also master the right hunting skills, like getting close enough. Another cow sound is one that is a little more prolonged, and a sound cows make when they’re excited. Beau walks through how he makes the sound using calling tools and mouth techniques. Adding emotion to your calls goes a long way. 


Beau also shares tips on how close to get to cows and bulls. Getting close enough to bulls to make them uncomfortable and have them listen to you is key. He talks about calf calls and when to use them as well. We chat about bugles and Beau’s go-to techniques. One of the best things to do is to take a breather and sit down, wait, and listen before calling. Beau shares his take on when to challenge bulls and when to use calls, and it very much varies. Patience is so important, and you have to assess each situation as it comes.

What’s Inside:

  • The best elk sounds to master.
  • Cow calling best practices.
  • How close you should get to cows and bulls.
  • When to use calf calls.
  • Beau’s top bugling techniques.
  • When to challenge a bull vs using calls.
  • What a typical day of elk hunting looks like for Beau.


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Short Description:

Beau Brooks is Casey Brooks’ son, and he’s a world champion elk caller. He’s on the show today to share some of his top calling techniques and how to make improvements to up your game. Elk calling is way more than the call itself, and Beau shares all the details and what it takes to hunt elk like a champion.



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