Elk Camp 2021

Elk Camp 2021 with Dan Graff and Charles Whitwam


Show Notes:

I’m coming to you from our hunting cabin on the last night of my group OTC elk hunt with friends and fellow elk hunters Dan Graff and Charles Whitwam.


It was a crazy hunt! The weather on that first day was so brutal. We were out there trying to glass elk in whiteout conditions. It got so cold that we had to break down and make a fire out in the woods. We were able to stalk a bull twice but never got a chance to make a play.


On the second day, we got out on the trail a little late, but got a lock on a bull who was making noise down by a spring. We split up to approach it, and I got there first. I made a cow call and the bull came trotting right toward me. As soon as I saw his antlers, I drew back...and we were all eating elk that night.


Even better, we caught it on camera! You can see me take the bull here, and check out the whole hunt in this video.


After that, we had a few more days of hiking around, including a mountain climb that felt like it had us nearing the lower stairs of heaven. I ran into a mountain lion on the trail, and then on the last day, we lost Dan! It turns out he had just taken a while to pack out, because he hurt his knee hiking. All in all, it was an intense but successful 6 days.


What’s Inside:

  • Stories from our OTC elk hunt.
  • Dealing with the cold.
  • When plans fail, be ready to improvise.
  • Bugling success stories.


Mentioned in this episode:

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Days In The Wild

Video: Bull at 25 Yards

Video: Full 2021 OTC Elk Hunt


Short Description:
Wind, snow, mountain lions, and a bull elk at 25 yards: it’s the 2021 OTC elk hunt recap! Friends and fellow elk hunters Dan Graff, Charles Whitwam, and I swap stories about our six-day elk hunt in the mountains.



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