Elk Hunting Scenarios with Jason Phelps Part 2 


Show Notes:

We’re back today to pick Jason Phelps’ brain again about how he’d react in certain elk situations. Of course, Jason’s elk calling technique is a huge part of how he hunts, so he shares a lot of different types of bugling calls and what they mean.


If there’s a specific bull that you want to kill, but you can’t identify him by his bugle, you’ll need to make a decision about which bull to kill. Weighing if you’re okay just targeting any bull may be impacted by how long you’ve waited to pull that tag. Jason talks about the factors that go into this decision for him.


As soon as you get close to a herd, the bull rounds them and moves them away from you. This can happen again and again, wasting an entire day of a hunt. We might feel like we have to get a response from the bull, but many of us are making this number one mistake, according to Jason.


Keeping in mind the hierarchy of the bull’s decisions can help you see why they react the way they do. They’ve got three main decisions that they’re always thinking about, so getting inside a bull’s head will help you predict their behavior.


Sometimes there just isn’t a clear answer. Some situations are tough because any way you move, you’ll spook them or you won’t have a clear shot. Try to be patient and read the situation, and be honest about the potential outcomes. Jason says that it’s okay to sit down and just admire the huge bull in front of you.


What’s Inside:

  • Jason’s restaurant analogy will make you think differently about chasing down a herd.
  • In September, if Jason sees cows, he always assumes there’s a bull there.
  • One of the benefits of giving a low, lazy bugle.
  • Day 1 of a ten day hunt or day 10 of a ten day hunt make a big difference in Jason’s strategy.



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Short Description:

Every hunter might approach a common scenario differently, so I ask Jason Phelps for his opinion. The rain in Washington plays into some of his strategy, but so do the elk calls his company manufactures. Jason has some suggestions for how to avoid common hunting mistakes, and when to take a deep breath and just appreciate being outdoors.



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