Hunting Roosevelt Elk in the PNW with Rene Ramos


Show Notes:

The Roosevelt elk is also known as the Olympic elk or Roosevelt’s wapiti, and it lives in the Pacific Northwest area, stretching down to Northern California and up to Washington. I’ve hunted for them before, so I have some experience, but it’s nothing compared to Rene Ramos’s experience.


As a native Oregonian, Rene has spent his entire life hunting in his backyard, and he’s focused all of his attention there. Because he’s grown up in the area, he’s gotten to know the herds. He likes stalking, tracking, and paying attention to the signs in nature instead of relying on calling to hunt.


We talk about the black-tailed deer that live in that area, which is almost like my nemesis, and Rene shares his current hunting strategy. It’s pretty amazing that one area can hold a hunter’s attention for that long, and it’s cool to see Rene’s enthusiasm for Western Oregon.


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What’s Inside:

  • How Rene uses stalking as his hunting strategy.
  • How hunting in the Pacific Northwest and on the coast is a little different.
  • What the 3 day loop is and how it can help you track elk.



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Short Description:

Born and bred in coastal Oregon, Rene Ramos has been hunting the same part of the country for his entire life. This has given him a familiarity with the land and the animals that shapes the way that he hunts. Growing up in a hunting family, Rene has some cool stories going back to his childhood about elk hunting.



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