Elk Lessons with Elk-Bro Joe Giglia


Show Notes:

Joe Giglia knows elk. He practically eats, sleeps, and breathes elk. In fact, he had so many people telling him he needed to preserve and share his wisdom that he helped start the ElkBros podcast. That’s why I’ve brought him on the show today to tell us some stories about his days hunting big bulls.


You know how they say, “a watched pot never boils?” Well, a watched animal will look up right at you. We’ve both got stories about times when whitetail and elk seem to have a sixth sense about being looked at. In our experience, it’s best to watch the area, not the animal.


Joe has a ton of stories that cover a ton of topics. He’s got great advice about bugling in bulls and how to read and interpret their responses. You’ve got to really put on a show for the animal that you’re trying to attract. He’s also got tips about how to read the land and the signs that elk leave when they pass.


Joe has a real passion for hunting, and you can hear it in his stories. To learn more about elk hunting, check out the ElkBros podcast.


What’s Inside:

  • Put on a show to draw the animal in.
  • Deer and elk have a sixth sense that you have to overcome.
  • Advice about what calls to use when.
  • There are no participation trophies in hunting!


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Short Description:
Joe Giglia knows so much about elk that he had to start a podcast about it, ElkBros. Today, he’s hanging out with us for a good old-fashioned story swap, chock-full of tips and tricks for taking big bulls: including the “fatal flaw” that he believes all elk share.



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