Title: Elk Hunting Scenarios with Corey Jacobsen, part 1

Show Notes:
Over the next few weeks, I’ve invited a couple of different guys to talk about how they hunt elk. I
think this is a neat perspective and a cool way to learn from others when you see the different
ways other hunters react to different scenarios.
With some research beforehand, Corey knows what kind of elk he’s going to see. That means
he’s not in a hurry to shoot the first elk he sees. The temperature and the water conditions will
impact the behavior of the elk, so you’ll need to be aware of that. Corey shares his strategy for
hunting elk when the hunt doesn’t go the way he pictured.
The desert states seem to have an on/off switch for the ruts, says Corey. How well managed a
state is seems to have some impact on this. Nevada, Arizona, and Utah have a much different
concentration of elk, demographics, and the bull-to-cow ratio are all different than Idaho and
Oregon, so your hunting approach may need to change.
It’s rainy and you haven’t heard an elk in hours, so what would you do? This is a very real
concern if you’re in an area like Oregon. Depending on the camping conditions, Corey might
take the day off or just keep going. His approach depends on a number of different factors.
Corey thinks that creating opportunities within the hunt will change your ability to find success.
He applies this idea to midday hunting, which is one of his favorite times to hunt. The average
hunter goes out before daylight and hunts for two or three hours before they head back to camp
for lunch and a nap. Corey hunts all day long for a lot of different reasons.
What’s Inside:
● The early season in the desert states is very different from the early season in the
mountain states.
● If you’re an elk addict like Corey, you can never really stop thinking about hunting elk.
● In the desert states, water is going to be your friend.
● Corey adjusts his elk hunting strategy based on the full moon and the weather.

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Short Description:

When factors like the weather, a drought, or a full moon can all affect elk hunting, how can you
change your strategy to compensate for that? Corey Jacobsen, a self-proclaimed “elk addict”
talks about how he’d adjust his plans based on different scenarios. No elk hunt goes perfectly,
so being ready to adapt your game plan will help you come away with the animal you set out to
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