Expert Elk Hunting with Casey Brooks


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If you have 78 bulls under your elk hunting belt, there’s no doubting your expertise in the field. Casey Brooks is one of the few people that’s done a Super Slam with a bow, and he knows elk hunting like the back of his hand. He’s been bow hunting for over 40 years and he caught the elk hunting bug at an early age. I’ve spoken to quite a few people about elk, mainly in terms of calling techniques, and Casey does things a bit differently. He shares his unique perspectives on how to become an effective elk caller. 


Location is everything and calls are getting more and more advanced. Elk are starting to get a bit smarter, so it’s not as easy as it used to be. Patience is a big deal when you’re hunting in the early season. Casey also believes timing is everything, as is understanding the signs the animal is giving you and acting accordingly. 


When you’re trying to pick a spot and are going towards a bull, Casey recommends sitting down and waiting a bit until the bulls come to you. They’ll only come so far away from their cows, as that’s their comfort zone. You likely won’t get a bull away from the cows, so pay attention to where he stops. Casey bow hunts five to six months out of the year and is still learning new things. He shares some great stories and has a ton of great tips for hunters, whether you’re brand new or a seasoned veteran. 


What’s Inside:

  • Key elements of being an effective elk caller.
  • The best dates of the season for elk hunting.
  • Why timing is everything.
  • Elk hunting scenarios and how to handle them.


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Casey Brooks has killed 78 bulls and is one of the few people that’s done a Super Slam with a bow. Casey shares some of his top tips for elk calling and stories from several of his hunting trips. We also walk through some elk hunting scenarios so you’re ready for your own trips this coming season.



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