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Deer Hunting Today with Henry Ferguson


Show Notes:

For a lot of people, deer hunting is just getting tougher, not easier. In this episode, I talk with big buck hunter Henry Ferguson about the challenges of deer hunting today. Henry’s got a great perspective on deer hunting, and we covered the whole gambit.


There are a whole lot of things affecting deer herds. Human population, weather, and loss of habitat are changing how we hunt. Even social media is putting its mark on today’s hunters. A lot of these things seem like they’re getting worse, not better. So what do we do?


Wildlife management is a good start. Everywhere’s different, but here in Arizona, we deal with a trickle rut, which is influenced by buck to doe ratio. I talk a bit about how that affects our herd numbers. Henry’s in Colorado, and he questions some of the wildlife management practices they’ve got going. The truth is, a lot of deer herds are declining and hunting is the only tool we’ve got to handle that.


“Everybody is hunting for different reasons,” says Henry. Every hunter has their own goals. That’s a good thing. It’s important to keep that in mind during the hunt. Henry shared some stories about how keeping that in mind helps us enjoy hunting more. People hunting differently means there’s less competition, and more success for everyone.


Henry’s a great hunter, and he knows his stuff. You can hear how much he cares about hunting, wildlife management, and how we can enjoy hunting more.



 What’s Inside:

  • Social media and expectations can change how we take down bucks. It shouldn’t.
  • I talk about the trickle rut, what causes it, and how it impacts the herd.
  • A lot of deer herds are declining. This isn’t because of hunting, but hunting is the only tool we have to manage the herd.
  • Everyone hunts differently, but that helps more than it hurts.



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Short Description:

Things are getting tougher for hunters – not easier. John talks with Henry Ferguson about the new challenges facing deer hunters, and how hunters can keep moving forward and keep enjoying the sport.



Chronic wasting disease, social media and hunting, population control, changing hunting, mule deer, whitetail deer, deer hunting


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