Title:  Relating Health and Hunting, Linden Loren and James Fitzgerald


Show Notes:

Without health, there is no hunting. Linden Loren and James Fitzgerald join me to discuss how our health affects hunting capabilities in season and our day-to-day life off season. James is a returning guest; I really lean on him for all things fitness. Linden is owner of ANION Outdoors and author of his upcoming book; Your Hunting Healthspan: 73 Ways Hunters Can Age Better & Prevent Disease


The intent of Linden’s work is to positively impact the hunting community, both in the off-season and in-season. Linden gets his inspiration in part from the passing of his father when he was 18. His dad was a hunter, whose lifestyle choices whittled down his health. His hope is that he can inspire self-awareness in hunters, in that if I do more things in the favor of my health then I can do more of the hobby I love. 


The better in shape we get not just physically, but mentally and spiritually, the more we understand that these are things we are able to do and can even make our hunt better. As hunters and people, we want to reach our highest human potential. This is something we can all agree on, but what does this look like? Linden says that this means moving into a mindset of prevention. This causes  health results to build momentum. When people are feeling great all of the time, they are more likely to make healthier choices.


Start evaluating yourself, How do you feel? How is your mood? Get a foundation and a starting point. Really reflect on how you’re maximizing your minute. Are you putting in the effort in your relationships? Get a baseline of what your day to day is, and ask yourself truthfully: Do I think these things are working? When you’re more aware, and you realize how these practices came to be, this is where  positive change will happen. 


As a guy who has been trying to integrate health into this world. It’s kind of like hitting a brick wall. The main obstacle is to get the hunter to realize what you’re selling them. What hunters want and need is the silver bullet, this perfect answer to, how can I fix this? Linden’s book and philosophy are taking steps to get those answers into the hunter’s hands.

What’s Inside:

  • Health and Hunting.
  • How are your health and lifestyle choices affecting your hunt?
  • Your Hunting Healthspan.
  • Helping hunters make their health a priority.


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How is your health affecting your hunt? Linden Loren and James Fitzgerald are on the show today to talk about the way changes in your  lifestyle could improve your hunting and your day-to-day in the off season. We’re talking about Linden’s upcoming book, Your Hunting Healthspan: 73 Ways Hunters Can Age Better & Prevent Disease, and talking about the first steps to take in improving your health. 


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