Hunting in Arizona

Title: Hunting in Arizona


Show Notes:

Flipping around my normal podcast format, David Hartlin from The Guide Shack interviews me for his fishing audience about some of the best hunting in Arizona. As a Canadian, David was most interested in some of the unique desert hunts my guiding service provides, including the increasingly popular javelina hunts.


Sometimes when I get folks from the Midwest booking a hunt with me, they don’t want to hunt  what they think is just a smaller white-tailed deer. But Coues deer are some of my most popular hunts, and for good reason. It’s not until people experience it that they see how amazing it is to see a 110-inch rack on a 90-pound animal. It looks like a 160-inch rack, and it’ll blow your mind.


I’ve had a lot more clients want to go javelina hunting, and that side of my business has really grown in the last 2-3 years. It’s a high success rate hunt, meaning you can almost guarantee that you’ll go home with some good meat. Plus, there are three seasons: Archery season in January, ham season in the first two weeks of February, and rifle season is one week near the end of February. 


Predator hunts in Arizona are open almost year-round. There is a season for the fur-bearers, but coyote hunts are open year-round. We talk about the tag situation here and how that affects planning a hunt. There’s no getting around that it’s just harder to get a rifle mule deer tag than it used to be. So naturally, that’s going to shift people onto another species or another kind of hunt.


If you’ve been dreaming about salmon fishing up in Canada, David offers guided tours all over Newfoundland, so check out his website. 


What’s Inside:

  • A cool part about Arizona, unlike other states that run a point system, is that you always have a mathematical chance of getting a tag.
  • We compare the public perception of hunters, fishermen and outdoorsmen in Canada and the U.S.
  • David advises “Don’t pass on Monday morning that which you’d shoot on Friday evening”. 

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Short Description:

Canadian fly fishing guide David Hartlin interviews me about some of my favorite and most popular hunts in Arizona. I get a chance to open up about how my guide business is going, and we compare notes on how politics sometimes gets tied up into hunting. 



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