Hunting, Kids, and Conservation with Jeff Barlow

Show Notes:

I sat down with Jeff Barlow, owner of SneekTec, at the Hunt Expo to talk about some things we deal with as hunters today. Jeff is a lifelong hunter, so he had plenty of great information and insight to share. 


We kicked off by talking about hunting with our kids. It can be a struggle to keep kids entertained, but Jeff and I agree that people generally underestimate young ones. If we push our kids to perform, it’s amazing what they can do. We both love hunting with our kids – it was great to swap some stories about those experiences. 


From there, we talked about how to teach the kids how to shoot. This got us on the subject of hunting and shooting practice, and what kind of drills can help improve accuracy. Shooting targets is one thing, but hunting in the field is another skill entirely. 


I also talked with Jeff about Howl for Wildlife. In today’s world, it’s more important than ever that hunters stand up for our sport. We went through how we got started, and some of the organization’s earliest victories. During my work with Howl for Wildlife, we’ve learned a lot, so it was great to talk about hunting activism with Jeff. 


Before we wrapped up, Jeff talked a bit about SneekTec, and what they’re working on these days. 


What's’ Inside:

-How to hunt with kids.

-It’s important to push your children to be their best.

-Shooting drills for fitness and accuracy.

-How we started Howl for Wildlife, and what the organization does today.

-What SneekTec is, and how it’s useful for hunters. 


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Howl for Wildlife:

Phoenix Shooting Bags:

SneekTec Boots:


Short Description:

Jeff Barrow and I sat down to talk about a few things we deal with as hunters and parents. We discussed how to take kids hunting – and how to make sure they actually enjoy it. From there, we went on to discuss Howl for Wildlife, how the organization started, and the importance of hunting activism today. 

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