Title: Improve Your Bowhunt John Stallone and Ron Nixon


Show Notes:

If you’re at all interested in bowhunting, then you need to become part of the Broadhead Nation with Ron Nixon. By sharing techniques and ideas, hunters can figure out how to improve themselves. Ron and I talk about what actually matters in bowhunting, and how you can improve your shooting accuracy.


First of all, you cannot control that animal no matter how much you want to. But your bow tune, your arrows, and your preparation are all things that you can manage.


The way you practice needs to mirror what it’s going to look like when you’re actually out hunting. Standing in front of a paper target is not going to make you a better hunter, and Ron and I talk about how to create realistic scenarios that will improve your shot when you’re actually aiming at an animal. 


Visualization is another thing you can control, and there is plenty of time in the field to sit down and think carefully about what you should do in different situations. What angle is this elk going to approach from? How long is it going to drink for? Will the does turn back? Playing the “what if” game helps you focus more on the things you can control, like your breathing or the buck shakes.


Never stop hunting. That’s the last thing you can control and the last piece of advice we want to leave with you. As long as you’re learning and getting out there, you’re going to be able to improve.


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What’s Inside:

  • What is your true effective range in bowhunting?
  • Why you need to change the way you practice.
  • How a beard could be messing up your shot.
  • Get consistent shots every time with this piece of advice.



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Short Description:

If you could focus on one thing that would improve your bowhunting experience, what would that be? Some hunters think a better approach would help them, and they end up focusing on those last 20 yards. Ron Nixon from Broadhead Nation thinks that focusing on the things you can truly control will be the only thing that improves your bowhunting skills.



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