Elk Hunting with Jermaine Hodge

Show Notes:

Jermaine Hodge is an experienced, Colorado-based elk hunter with an impressive resume. He was the 2019 Men's Division Elk Calling World Champ, and is the current co-owner of Colorado High Altitude Hunters. We caught up at the Utah Hunt Expo to talk all things elk hunting and elk calling. 


It’s been a while since I’ve hunted elk in Colorado, so it was great to hear a boots-on-the-ground report from Jermaine. We both agreed that elk is one of the most fun hunts out there. Jermaine’s full of great elk stories, and he shared a few of his favorites.


He told a story about calling for an elk with his wife. Elk make all kinds of noises out there in the field, so it can be tricky to tell what means what. On top of that, not every elk responds the same way to your call. After that, we got into the nuts-and-bolts of elk calling. As a world champion elk caller, Jermaine had plenty of knowledge to share on the subject. Elk calling is a tough thing to get right – Jermaine shared some great tips on how to make it happen. We traded tips and tricks for successfully calling elk. 


Jermaine’s also got some great stories about elk hunting – including one about the biggest bull he’s ever seen. He shared a couple of those, and it was great to hear in-the-field experience from him. Calling’s tough, so there’s a lot to take away from Jermaine’s stories. 


What's’ Inside:

-Elk hunting stories from Jermaine Hodge.

-Elk calling tips and tricks.

-What it’s like to hunt elk in Colorado.

-Hunting doesn’t always go the way you want. Jermaine’s got a great story about that.


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Short Description:

I sat down with Jermaine Hodge, an expert elk hunter and world champion elk caller based in Colorado. We swapped stories about elk hunting in Colorado and Arizona, and Jermaine shared some tips and tricks for calling elk. Every elk responds differently, and Jermaine’s got plenty of knowledge on how to handle that. 

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