Elk Hunting with Joel Turner

Title: Elk Calling That Plays on an Elk’s Instincts


Show Notes:

If you’re not hunting elk all of the time, then sometimes you might forget in between hunts what to do in different scenarios. That’s why I gathered together the best elk hunters around so that you can hear what they would do in similar elk hunting scenarios. World champion elk caller Joel Turner likes to humanize his elk calling to create scenarios that draw out the animals.


It’s rainy, it’s windy, and you haven’t heard a bugle all day long, but you know there’s elk in the area, what would you do? Joel hates elk hunting in the rain, but he’ll slide into the area where he thinks the elk are and he’ll give them a breeding scene. He demonstrates what that sounds like for me.


Calf sounds are a whole different instinctive sound for elk, so Joel likes to use this sound more often. For people, what is the one sound that gets everyone to come out of the house? Not some lady yelling, that’s for sure. Mammals are all programmed to pay attention to a crying baby, so hear how Joel uses that instinct to draw the herd out.


Joel likes to humanize the situation, or figuring out what people would do in a situation and then translate that into elk sounds. He talks about a few different ways you might be able to do that, and how that helps you predict what the elk will do.


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What’s Inside:

  • If the bulls aren’t bugling, you have to give them a reason to bugle.
  • How to use the calf sound to find where the elk are at.
  • What “glunking” is and why you want to use it.
  • Animals are all trying to learn from sex and fighting, and you’ll want to use that to your advantage.



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Short Description:

What is one of the worst sounds in the world? Learn how to use crying babies to your advantage the next time you go elk hunting when you mimic a scared elk calf. Champion elk caller Joe Turner thinks up realistic scenarios that draw out the elk into open ground, and he uses mammal instincts to play on the elk herd.




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