Synchronizing the Senses with John Huber


Show Notes:

I love getting technical and talking about muzzle breaks, triggers, and long-range accuracy, but we’re going to be looking at these a bit differently than I have in the past. I’ve had John Huber from Huber Concepts on the podcast about six years ago and he’s back so I can pick his brain. John’s been into physics since he was a kid and eventually got into manufacturing methods. Today, he primarily builds triggers and muzzle breaks and he’s an expert at synchronizing the senses.


John and I talk about his trigger design and how he’s changed the design using mathematics to improve accuracy. It’s all about sensing pressure and recognizing moments in time so your senses sync up and you hit a target. It’s all about time and energy management, and John translates all the data he collects into mechanical engineering. We talk about timing when pulling a trigger and how John gets the trigger to break more in sync with natural human impulses.


Today’s selection of firearms and poundage in terms of triggers are made so we have to fit into their mold. I use a two-stage trigger and John talks about what that is and how it functions. From a usability standpoint, the two-stage can get you closer to that “trap” moment and cut down delay. We get into muzzle breaks and the math and physics involved to design them more efficiently. The calculations to make these improvements are complicated, but they make all the difference in terms of a great hunting or shooting experience.


What’s Inside:

  • John’s unique trigger design and how he came up with it.
  • How John uses mathematics to enhance trigger.
  • What a two-stage trigger is and how it functions.
  • Muzzle breaks and how they work.
  • Hunting stories from John.


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Short Description:

John Huber of Huber Concepts is an expert when it comes to building a better trigger. He works his magic by taking math and physics and translating it into mechanics to create an optimal shooting experience. We talk about how John “synchronizes the senses” and he also shares a couple of great hunting stories.



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