Episode #: 002


Title: Building a Better Arrow For Your Setup


Show Notes:

Whether you’ve attempted to make your own arrows before with little success or you’ve been custom making arrows for your hunting trips for years, you’ll appreciate the technical breakdown of what actually makes a good arrow. With an engineering background in Research & Development, Kyle Davidson from DCA Arrows approaches arrow building with the same precision that he uses in his day job.


Kyle’s friend introduced him to archery, and he was hooked from the start. And of course, it didn’t take him long before he decided to improve on the arrow designs. He was pretty sure that he was fabulous at archery, but soon realized that his superior arrows were what made him look good.


Kyle breaks down the anatomy of an arrow, and explains where he does a lot of his fine-tuning to get better results. He finds that the vanes impart stability and a little bit of drag, and he describes how that works. The knock fit is more important than anything, so be sure and pay attention to how it snaps in.


Super custom work is Kyle’s specialty, and he likes trying new designs that tweak a certain element to get just the right result. I’ve been trying to develop my own broadhead for years now, and it’s really difficult work. We talk about some of the things you have to factor into consideration because it’s not just all about the aim.


If you’re out on a $30,000 hunt, sporting $3000 in clothes, and carrying a $1500 bow, then it’s probably time to up your game and invest a little in some custom arrows. Whether you want to make your own, or just buy some, you can reach out to Kyle for a consultation. Improving your target accuracy could start with better equipment.




What’s Inside:

  • Balancing weight and sound are important considerations when choosing arrows.
  • Kyle weighs in on the three fletch versus four fletch debate.
  • Why Kyle looks for an efficient vane on the arrow.
  • The best arrow brands that Kyle builds with, and why he sometimes combines them.
  • Some special considerations for shooting arrows on a windy day.



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Short Description:

Making your own arrows is a great way to control the quality of the arrow that you’re shooting on a hunt. There’s a lot of information out there, and not all of it is good. I talk with Kyle Davidson, from DCA Arrows who approaches building arrows with the precision of an engineer. We discuss how to balance the weight of an arrow with other design considerations, and what’s worked for both of us on past hunting trips.



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