Lessons Learned – Confidence and Optimism Equal Patience with Jeremy Houston


Show Notes:

Ever since I started this series on Lessons Learned, one topic has come up again and again: patience. My guest today, though, connects some dots in a new way. 


Jeremy says that you have to have confidence in order to be patient. He and I have both learned the hard way that when you lose faith in your abilities as a hunter, you give up early. And when you give up early, you miss out on great opportunities. I like to call these “mental give-ups,” and it’s important to ignore that little voice in your head that tells you to just call it quits.


That, Jeremy believes, is where optimism comes in. If you know the area and the animals in it, and you have a little optimism that something good will come your way, you’re much more likely to ignore the mental give-ups and stick it out. 


Jeremy and I also talk about ways to keep on hunting and improving our skills, even outside of the season. For me, that means bowhunting coyotes. For Jeremy, that means wildlife photography. He explains how “hunting with a camera” allows him to be out in the field year-round. Plus, since you have to get in close to the animals to get a good picture, Jeremy gets to practice his stalking skills while also studying the animals in the wild.


What’s Inside:

  • You have to have confidence in order to be patient.
  • Ignore the “mental give-up”.
  • How to build confidence in your equipment.
  • Be in “hunting mode” from the moment you leave the truck.
  • How to “hunt with a camera” year round.


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Short Description:
You’ve heard me talk with my guests before about how important patience is when it comes to big game hunting. My guest today, Jeremy Houston, explains how patience is tied directly to confidence, both in yourself and your equipment. Combine that with a little optimism, and you’ll be set up for success.



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