Lessons Learned: Ibex Hunting with Brian Cillessen


Show Notes:

Today, I’m swapping stories and tips with Brian Cillessen, star of Beyond Rubicon. This episode is going to be a real mixed bag of good hunting info, so pull up a seat and get ready to hear some great stories!


Ibex are crazy animals. They’re like aliens. There’s something mesmerizing about the way they work a mountain. They’ll go up and down a cliff face like Spider-Man; one time when Brian spooked a group of them, he thought they’d jumped off a cliff into the void. But he walked over to the cliff face, and they were scurrying safely down the rocks. 


Brian learned about the New Mexico mountains known as “The Rock.” It’s some seriously intense New Mexico bush, but you can’t let it get into your head. You have to respect the terrain, sure, but the moment you become afraid of it, it’ll become your worst nightmare for real. He encountered two rock slides back to back, but after spending some time and learning the mountains, he got a handle for the area. 


Brian shares a success story that illustrates a great point: sometimes, you find success on the very last day of the hunt. He was in a situation where he was sick, the rest of the hunters had already packed up and left, and he was about to call it quits. But he decided that since he was halfway up the rock already, he might as well give it one last shot. And guess what? He spotted a herd of ibex, got into position, and bagged a billy that was hopping across the boulders below him.


We also talk bowhunting in the wind, Brian’s first kill with a bow, the thrill of scoring an Ibex for the first time, and more. 


What’s Inside:

  • Ibex are spider-goats!
  • Be confident in harsh terrain: don’t let the bush get into your head.
  • Don’t let the wind work against the angle of your shot.
  • Sometimes, success comes at the very end of the hunt. Don’t give up!


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Short Description:
Ibex are amazing creatures, like some crazy cross between a goat and Spider-Man. Brian Cillessen, star of Beyond Rubicon, is here with us today to talk about lessons learned hunting ibex in the New Mexico mountain region known as “The Rock.”



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