Llamas, Elk Hunting, and Archery with Omni Warner


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After spending most of my day on the computer waiting for a tag, I got to chat with Omni Warner. He shared some great stories from his season so far. During a hunting trip in Colorado, Omni rented llamas to get into a special area. The first day of that hunt was rainy so they didn’t get out until the second day. On that day, his brother wound up killing a good buck. The next day, they found a bigger buck hunting along a ridge line that was about 3 miles long. 


Unfortunately, the next day their trailer broke down and they lost a day trying to get it repaired. They then went in on a different trailhead and glassed some bucks. They scouted some over the summer but couldn’t find them. During their last full day of hunting, they glassed up a buck in his morning bed and got him. Hunting in different states is always an adventure. 


On a separate Elk hunt, Omni took his sons for their first archery experience. His goal was to see his sons kill a bull and his one son accomplished it on the first day. Their first morning, they got two bulls bugling and his son was able to take a textbook perfect shot at a bull that was about six to eight yards away! Omni’s wife also shoots a bow. Her bow is much lighter, and we get to talking about how you don’t need a heavy bow for a successful kill. 


There’s so much diversity in what people shoot and all of them can work under the right setup and circumstances. It’s really all about shot placement. Accuracy, forgiveness, and sharpness of your broadhead are the three main factors. There are also a ton of transferable skills between shooting in a competition and shooting live game. The same confidence is required as well as the same way you calm your nerves, pick a spot to aim at, and set up your shot.


What’s Inside:

  • What it’s like to hunt and camp with llamas.
  • The advantages of hunting in different states.
  • Omni’s experience Elk hunting with his sons.
  • How aging affects your hunting game.
  • Shooting in competitions vs. shooting game.


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Omni Warner has some great stories about his hunts so far this season. We talk about his experience hunting with llamas and a successful elk hunt with his sons. There are so many different ways to shoot a bow and similarities between shooting in a competition and a live hunt. It’s all in the setup and the circumstances and how much confidence you can bring to your game.



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