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Bow hunter Dorran Larner has learned a lot over his years of hunting elk. Today, he’s here to talk about something really important: mastering your setup.


I call it “building the room,” but basically, you need to have a mastery of the small area that you are setting up to be your kill zone. You need to identify the hangup spots that these animals will stop at, and use them to your advantage.


Dorran learned this the hard way one time when he got in a hurry and didn’t pay enough attention to his immediate surroundings. He was calling in a big bull, thinking the animal was going to cross in front of him where he was waiting at full draw. What he failed to spot was the game trail two yards behind him. The bull sped up the game trail, blew right by Doran, and vanished.


If he’d taken his time, Dorran would’ve spotted that game trail and worked it into his plans. That’s why you’ve really got to keep your cool and not get swept up in the moment. When you get all fired up and excited, that’s when you’re going to make a mistake or miss a crucial detail and ruin things for yourself.


This applies to things like decoys too. I had a decoy set up one time and was calling a bull towards it, intending to take my shot when he stopped to look at the decoy. But I wasn’t paying attention to the wind, and it gusted up and flipped my decoy over, spooking the bull. Again, if I’d slowed down and thought about the wind, I probably wouldn’t have made that mistake.


What’s Inside:

  • “Build the room:” establish and master your kill zone.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Don’t neglect the wind.
  • The importance of staying calm in the moment.


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Short Description:
Longtime elk hunter and fellow bow man Dorran Larner is with me today to talk all about mastering your setup. When you take the time to properly “build the room” and establish a good kill zone, you’re going to set yourself up for success.



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