Planning a Mule Deer Hunt with Omni Warner


Show Notes:

Some guys like to start planning a hunt by deciding what kind of trophy they’re looking to bag, but Omni Warner prefers to draw a tag first. Although it can be easier for locals to draw a tag, it’s really hard all around, and that’s why he’s not too picky about what state he ends up in.


Some of Omni’s best mule deer hunts have been in Colorado, and we swap stories about some of the mule deer hunts we’ve been on. We’ve both tried to get our kids into hunting, but with varying degrees of success.


I know some of you guys know that I’m an outfitter in Arizona and I run hunts in South Dakota too. I have a couple of slots left in my schedule this fall, so I’m letting you know now before it’s too late that if you want to get in on an excellent hunt, you should get on my schedule.

We also have amazing hunts you can do in February, where you can come out and experience a nice hunt in Arizona weather when the rest of the country is miserable and cold.

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What’s Inside:

  • The best state for hunting mule deer.
  • Why Omni and I both love hunting the rut.
  • How Omni plans a hunt and looks for trails.
  • The key to hunting mule deer in the high country.



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Short Description:

Every hunter has a different strategy when he plans a hunt, and Omni Warner’s strategy starts with finding a tag first. We talk mule deer hunts all over the west, and some of Omni’s best tips for finding and stalking your animal.



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