Elk Season Recap with Paul Medel


Show Notes:

Elk hunter Paul Medel spent pretty much the entire season hunting elk, and he’s here with us today on the show to talk all about it.


We spent the first day of the season together, and Paul saw more elk that day than he’d see in a whole season back on his home turf in Idaho.  The desert terrain threw him for a bit of a loop at first, though. In open areas like that, you might hear an elk bugle that sounds like it’s only 100 yards away, when it’s actually way further out. It took Paul a few days to really learn the rules of the land. “The elk are different in Arizona. The way they live, the way they react to things.”


Those bulls can be sneaky too! A big one managed to walk right up behind Paul’s son while he was raking, and he never even heard him. Paul watched without a shot as the bull checked out the noise, and turned and walked right back the way he came.


Paul also demonstrates and explains the three calls he used on the hunt. Remember, it’s not just about making good sounds, it’s about making the right sounds in the right situations. He was able to get a lot of responses out of the elk using those calls, and he goes into detail about calling tactics.


What’s Inside:

  • Arizona has a high concentration of elk.
  • Spend a few days learning the land when you hunt in a new area.
  • Bulls are sneaky! Keep your eyes peeled.
  • A demonstration of elk calls.


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Short Description:
Elknut Paul Medel spent the season hunting elk, and he’s here today to recap the season. We talk elk behavior, the unique challenges of the Arizona landscape, how to cover a lot of ground while still having a good time, and more!



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