Paul Medel Question and Answer Elk Season 2019 10.35

Some of the questions you sent in:

What do you do when you lose cover 100 yards or so from a bull and the cows are bedded in front of you like 6 yards away? If you call the cows will spot you, what do you do in that situation?
What is the best method of following bulls into their bedding area if the wind is not ideal?
What time do you usually start calling in the morning to locate bulls? Are you driving the roads at night to locate bulls?
What is your go to strategy when elk are not being vocal during the early part of the season?
When you are solo hunting what have you found that works best, especially in down timber to get a bull to come where you need them to make a shot?
What are some of the things you are doing once you have eyes on a bull to direct them to your shooting lanes?
What is your go to reed/diaphragm ?

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