Predator Hunting with Levi Adamson

Show Notes:

I talked to Levi Adamson about predator hunting. Levi’s an experienced hunter, who spends most of his time hunting predator species like coyotes, foxes, and bobcats. He’s got years of hunts under his belt, so it was great to hear everything he had to say. 


Levi talked a bit about how he got into predator hunting in the first place. With all the success Levi has had with predator hunting, I picked his brain a bit to get some more info. 


We talked a lot about how Levi finds areas to hunt. He has a unique strategy that he’s honed over the years. But, we both agree: the best places to hunt are areas with low hunt pressure. Levi and I both look to hunt in the areas where everyone overlooks. From there, Levi and I traded stories about coyote and bobcat hunting. He’s got plenty of great ones.  Predator hunting comes with its own ins-and-outs, and Levi’s got stories to cover just about all of them. 


Levi also ran through his entire hunting strategy, from start to finish. It was great to hear how he hunts – he provided lots of great info here for both beginners and experts. Levi talked about his calling sequence, which led us to talking more about predator calling. 


What's Inside:

- How Levi scouts hunting locations.

- We swap stories about coyote hunting and fox hunting.

- Levi’s strategy for coyote hunting and calling.

- A start-to-finish rundown of Levi’s hunts.

- How to call various predator species. 


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Short Description:

I sat down with Levi Adamson to talk about predator hunting. He’s hunted all kinds of predators, including bobcats, foxes, coyotes, and more. We swapped some stories about these hunts, and Levi took us through his entire hunting strategy – it was great to hear firsthand what it takes to have success with predator hunting. 



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