Robby Denning

Big Game and Big Misses with Robby Denning


Show Notes:

I sit down with Robby Denning to talk the ups and downs of big game hunting. After a crazy year (in the field and out of it), we swap stories about big misses — and what we can learn from them. 


Robby tells a great story about glassing some good-sized bucks in the cold on a recent trip. After seeing some very promising bucks, Robby was feeling optimistic about his chances. He saw some good sized antlers. After his shot, the bucks ultimately got away, but we’ve all been there. That story just goes to show, you never know what’s gonna happen in the field. Just because you glass the buck of your life, doesn’t mean you’re gonna get him. 


We talked a bit about using the right tools for the trade, from what size bullet to picking our favorite rifles. I’ve got another story for Robby, about chasing a big buck on a rough trip of my own. That was a tough trip for a lot of reasons, not just missing that buck. Even in the best positions, with the perfect gear and the perfect buck — it doesn’t always happen. 


The truth is, we can’t always win out there. A lot can go wrong when you’re on the hunt, but that’s just part of the deal. Sometimes, you just don’t get the buck you want. That doesn’t mean the day is a waste. Any time we can get out there and get after it is a pretty good time.


What’s Inside: 

  • How Robby glasses for the perfect buck. 
  • Lessons we learned from spot-and-stalk positions and missing the bucks we glassed.
  • Robby and I share our choice of hunting tools.
  • You can’t predict everything in hunting - you don’t always win.  



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Short Description:

Hunting isn’t always predictable. When you make the trip out there, you never know what you’re gonna get. That means sometimes, you don’t get the buck you want. But, you’ll usually walk away with a good story or two. I swapped stories with Robby Denning about big bucks, and big misses. 



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