TIM BURNETT Solo Hunter 9.52


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Tim is a devoted husband and father first of all. But he is also an extremely passionate and accomplished hunter and outdoorsman who just considers it to be a normal part his self sufficient lifestyle.

It all started for Tim from a very early age. At 12 he would grab a backpack and sleeping bag and take off for the mountains for days on end, with nothing more than a fishing pole and his dad’s old 22 rifle. He would sometimes take his younger brothers or cousin along but more often than not, he was alone.

During his college years Tim purchased the best camera equipment he could afford and spent every weekend and many evenings filming his fishing and hunting excursions. Hitting his favorite steelhead fishing holes by Friday night and barely rolling back into town for classes on Monday morning.

In 2006 Tim started a hunting TV show in the Boise Idaho area and found some early success gaining sponsors and growing a fan base. Through that show he was able to meet and learn from other more experienced outdoorsman on TV at the time. Larry D. Jones, Wayne Carlton and others were among those who Tim spoke with and gained insight into the business side the outdoor branding and entertainment world.

Tim created SOLO HNTR to be different than any other hunting show out there. “I want
my viewers to feel the experience rather than just see it.” In September of 2010 SOLO HNTR made its national television debut on Sportsman Channel and later moved to the
Outdoor Channel in the fall of 2012, being nominated for various awards on both networks.

A soloist by nature Tim is most comfortable with the simple things of life. He felt that he needed to keep the entertainment side of the show simple and relatable to other hunters.

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