Lessons Learned – Want To Call An Animal In? Give Them What They Want with Steve Chappell


Show Notes:

My friend Steve Chappell spent years elk hunting using only cow calls. And, it worked... sometimes. But one day, he decided he had nothing to lose and tried bugling in a big buck: and to his surprise, the buck walked right up for a nice 30-yard shot.


That was when Steve learned an important lesson: sometimes, you have to change up what you’re doing to bring the animal in. As a hunter, it’s easy to think, “Well, that animal just didn’t like my cow sounds,” when in reality, that bull wants to hear a bugle. You have to approach every animal as a unique individual that is going to want to hear different things before it comes in to take a look. The best way to learn these sounds and combinations is to listen to live elk, either in the field or on YouTube.


I learned this lesson hunting both whitetail and coyotes. You have to incorporate non-vocal sounds too, because you’re trying to create as full of an illusion as you can for the animal. There are certain things that they are expecting to hear, and if you only provide one or two of those things, you’re going to create what I call a “skeptical buck.”


Another important lesson from Steve is to always get a handle on your wind before you start calling. “If you give that buck a chance to get wind of you, he’s going to do it every time.” Your best bet is to position yourself directly downwind of the animal before you start trying to draw him in.


What’s Inside:

  • Be prepared to change your approach.
  • Study live elk sounds on YouTube
  • Use non-vocal sounds to paint a fuller picture.
  • How to control your wind.


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Short Description:
As a hunter, it’s easy to get in the mindset of “that bull just didn’t like the way I called,” when in reality, you just need to try a different call altogether. Steve Chappell shares stories about how he learned to change his approach to calling in animals, and how that change increased his rate of success.



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