Title: Big Game Hunting in Argentina During a Pandemic
Show Notes:
Big game hunting in South America takes on a whole new dimension when you add in a
pandemic, a quarantine, a little civil unrest, and the most unbelievably gorgeous scenery. I was
looking for my gold trophy class, so I share some details about my hunt. My wife and friends talk
about their impressions of Argentina, and their experiences about the trophy hunt.
First of all, the itinerary did not tell us there was going to be a small revolution while we were
down there. After having been reassured in October that everything was totally under control,
we were surprised by the graffiti, crowds, and a tear gas experience while out in a restaurant.
Our guides took us out in the morning, and the mist was pretty incredible. We hunted for red
stag, fallow deer, and Axis deer. There was wildlife everywhere, and it was the perfect situation
for cover, with bushes almost the exact, right distance from each other.
There was a lot of respect for the animals, from the guides to the drivers to the hunters. Our
wives talk about what surprised them about the hunt. They realized that the shot is such a small
part of the hunt. The calm before the shoot, the stalking, and all of the work to get to the top of
the mountain; they’re all a much bigger part of the hunt than they realized.
The food was unbelievable, and we’ve never eaten so many wild game dishes where each dish
is better than the last. The topography, the landscape; it was just all amazing.
We kept getting hints that things in the outside world were not going well. After a visit from
Chilean immigration, we had to contact the U.S. embassy, and we realized that all international
flights were being canceled. We had a small window to return to the United States before we
were stranded in South America until June. Stay tuned for part 2.

What’s Inside:
● Taking friends and wives along on a big game hunt in Argentina was an unforgettable
● The topography, weather, and animals in a totally new locale made the experience
unlike any other.
● Our trip was made more exciting by tear gas, civil unrest, and the Coronsvirus. Plus, a
quarantine, and nearly getting stuck in South America.
● Our wives share their experiences, feelings, and thoughts about the hunt.

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