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We’re going to switch gears a little bit today and do something different. I have Larry White on with me and we’re going to pick his brain on table fare, caring for meat, and hopefully pull a couple stories out of him as well. Larry’s originally from North Carolina but currently lives in the low country in South Carolina. In 2004, he started his cooking career while he was in California in the Coast Guard. After the Coast Guard, he got his culinary degree and did personal chef and food truck work and is now running a creative venture called The Wild Game Gourmet. 


When it comes to wild game, if you’re cooking exotic meals, you’re more likely to cook more often. That’s what ultimately drove me to follow Larry’s work. We talk about the best practices to follow in terms of caring for meat in order to get the best quality. Larry also shares tips on how to handle venison and how to prepare it, the biggest rule being not to overcook it. He also likes to cook it in a cast iron pan and top it off with some butter. Wild game also works well in a Crock Pot, believe it or not! 


I’ve gotten into cured meats more over the last several years and it’s one of Larry’s favorite things to do. Larry gives us the rundown on how he likes to cook deer without going too crazy. He loves to braise a shoulder with sauce in a pan and use the meat over the course of a week. Larry says the neck is the most tender part of venison and you can do so many things with it. 


If you’re not the best cook or a beginner, you could start by practicing with London broil or an eye of beef. Lamb shanks are also good to cook and a way to practice with braised dishes. Larry has a ton of great recipes on his website. Check them out by following the link below.

What’s Inside:

  • Meat caring practices to follow to get the best quality possible.
  • Simple rules of thumb for venison.
  • What to cook to impress people at a dinner party.
  • How to cook different parts of venison.
  • Starting points and ways to practice if you’re a beginner cook.


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Culinary guru Larry White joins me on the show today. He’s a master at cooking wild game and he’s got a ton of great recipes on his website, The Wild Game Gourmet. We chat about everything from how to cook venison, how to care for meat so it winds up tasting the best, and tips for beginner cooks. 



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