Bow Tune and Bow Hunting Best Practices with Christopher Escarcega


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Building arrows and tuning bows the right way are great skills archery hunters definitely benefit from. My good friend Chris Escarcega is my go-to guy when it comes to this. He’s one of the guys who helped me develop my own bow tuning and arrow building practices. Chris has been shooting since he was a little kid when his grandpop put a bow in his hands. He took a step back while in school but got serious about it ten years ago. He moved to Salt Lake City and worked for a couple of firms and then moved to Arizona to work at an archery club. Now he’s a territory manager for a company and takes part in archery competitions as well. 


The last bow Chris helped me tune was my best shooting bow. I’m sad I got rid of it, because I always had the confidence that it was going to do what I expected it to do. I haven’t been able to achieve that level of perfection since. Chris shares what he believes makes a well-tuned bow and the differences between hunting and target shooting. There’s more than one way to set up your broadheads to make sure you have a clear arrow path. 


Chris recommends starting with the straightest arrow you can afford and names some good brands to look for. He also shares how to make the arrows you have straighter. You can get good results from a mid-grade arrow if you know what you’re doing. Chris also walks through how to tune your bow by shooting arrows through paper. If you’re not shooting bullet holes, you might need to tweak your technique instead of your equipment. When you practice good habits, you’ll have consistent results.

What’s Inside:

  • What makes a well-tuned bow.
  • How to practice with broadheads and field points.
  • Why you should start with the straightest arrows you can afford.
  • How to tune your bow by shooting arrows through paper.
  • How to troubleshoot when you’re not shooting bullet holes.
  • Using fletching to cover up flaws.
  • Why accuracy matters over everything else.

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Chris Escarcega is a bow shooting expert and good friend of mine. The bow he helped me develop was by far the best one I’ve ever had. Chris shares tips on how to tune your bow, which arrows to use for best results, how to troubleshoot, and why accuracy matters over everything else. 



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