Whitetail Deer Hunting Strategies with Jake Bush

Show Notes:

In my circle of hunting friends, there’s no one who knows whitetail deer as well as Jake Bush in my book, specifically in the Midwestern side of the states. Jake is an experienced hunter who lives in Ohio, where he chases big bucks on public land. I see a lot of myself in Jake’s approach to hunting. Neither of us have a lot of time to spend in the field – we hunt on very tight schedules. So, I picked Jake’s brain about Ohio hunting, whitetails, working on tight schedules, and more. 


Jake walked us through his scouting and hunting philosophies. He wants to tag out as quickly as possible, so he spends a lot of time scouting. He works with online maps and topography maps, in an effort to “put as many pieces of the puzzle together as possible.” Jake discussed these “puzzle pieces” and what he looks for in his ideal hunting grounds. We also swapped a few tips for maximizing your success in the field. There’s a lot of great info here that any hunters can put into practice.


We also traded stories about our experiences hunting deer in the western states. No two states are the same, so we compared and contrasted some of the Midwestern states with further west areas. Each region calls for its own strategies and techniques. 


To round out our podcast, Jake told us a story about one of his hunts. This hunt changed the way Jake looked at the sport, scouting, and more. It was a great, insightful story about understanding your surroundings and waiting for the proper conditions – or not waiting, in this case. 


What's Inside:

- Jake’s strategy for scouting whitetail.

- Jake’s in-the-field techniques and tricks.

- The differences between hunting in western vs. Midwestern states.

- When to analyze your surroundings – and when to act.

- Stories about big game hunting across the western states.


Mentioned in this episode:

Howl for Wildlife: https://www.howlforwildlife.org/

Phoenix Shooting Bags: https://www.phoenixshootingbags.com/

Jake Bush: https://www.instagram.com/thejakebush/?hl=en

Jake Bush on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/LegendsOfTheHunt


Short Description:

Whitetail deer expert, Jake Bush, was such a pleasure to have on the show and he’s one of the best to exchange knowledge and swap stories on big buck hunting with. We discussed hunting all over the country, whitetail strategy, and how to maximize your scouting in this episode. This was a fantastic conversation, and Jake dropped a lot of great knowledge here. 



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